The freedom to be yourself

Show off your style with a bracelet
with silver inlays

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The freedom to be yourself

Complete your look with bracelets
made of natural stone

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The freedom to be yourself

Design a bracelet individually
to suit your own style

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Delivery across Ukraine
and European countries
Only manual
Discounts and promotions
for regular customers
Ability to create
your own bracelet
quality goods


Discover new facets of beauty
stone and silver style

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Stay in style with bracelets

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Online store of natural stone bracelets

Handmade natural stone bracelets are not only a stylish piece of jewelry, but also a magical talisman that can save its owner from diseases and bad influence. They can be worn all the time or from time to time. You need to choose a mineral according to the sign of the zodiac - for example, pomegranate bracelets will make Leo balanced, and from a cat's eye they will become a strong amulet for Cancers, Scorpions and Virgos.

The online store catalog contains products with:

  • agate;

  • rock crystal;

  • variscite;

  • hematite;

  • volcanic lava;

  • howlite;

  • lapis lazuli;

  • garnet;

  • obsidian;

  • cat's eye;

  • moonstone;

  • jasper;

  • tiger's eye.

Items can be assembled from one mineral or several. This makes them more interesting both externally and in terms of impact on humans. The most popular combination-duos:

  • obsidian + moonstone or howlite;

  • agate + lapis lazuli or tiger's eye or hematite or volcanic lava;

  • faceted agate + rhinestone;

  • onyx + rhinestone or cat's eye;

  • lapis lazuli + garnet;

  • howlite + tiger eye.

In addition, the online store has bracelets made of three types of minerals - a trio unique in its beauty and magical properties:

  • howlite + variscite + hematite;

  • hematite + cat's eye + volcanic lava;

  • hematite + jasper + agate;

  • agate + tiger eye + volcanic lava.

On a note. The catalog contains models where natural stone is combined with 925 sterling silver or Swarovski crystals. Pay attention to them. They look refined and sophisticated, ideally complementing the evening dress of a lady, she decided to go to the theater or the opera.

Manufacturing technique

Hand-cut natural stones allows you to make each product unique and breathe life into it. This is what distinguishes the bracelets that are offered to customers in the Thirstforstyle online store from the supposedly similar, but completely faceless, factory-made ones. In addition, it ensures high quality - any waste that occurs during cutting or at another stage is immediately removed from work.

Manufacturing technique:

  1. Each bead is hand-turned.

  2. A hole is made in it.

  3. The product is assembled as a whole and is equipped with a lock.

The decoration is not strung on a thread chaotically, but in a certain sequence. This is of great importance, as it allows you to make the jewelry unique - each piece is presented in a single copy.

Offers Thirstforstyle

  1. Everyone can create their own decoration. And it doesn't have to be a duet or trio. The model can be composed of five different types of minerals, if you like.

  2. We guarantee the quality of each piece.

  3. We make discounts for regular customers. We regularly conduct interesting promotions.

  4. We sell only handmade goods.

  5. Delivery to the United States and Europe is available.

To place an order or clarify information, call the specified phone number or order a call back or ask a question in the form.